Small Septum Piercing

The Complete Guide for Small Septum Piercing

by selaben83
Small Septum Piercing

What is Small Septum Piercing?

Small septum piercing is a type of body modification where the cartilage in the middle of the nose is pierced.
It is a popular choice for people who want to experiment with facial piercings, as it can be easily hidden if desired.
The healing process for this type of piercing is typically quick and relatively painless, making it a good option for those who
are new to body modification.
If you are considering getting a small septum piercing, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable piercer
who has experience with this type of piercing. Make sure that you understand the risks involved and follow all aftercare
instructions carefully to ensure proper healing.


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Is there a Different Between Small to Standard?

Yes, it is done through the lower portion of the septum, which is the cartilage that separates the nostrils.
This type of piercing is less visible than a septum piercing, which goes through the upper portion of the septum.
Small septum piercings are also often referred to as “bullrings” or “mini-me’s.”


How is a Small Septum Piercing Done?

A small septum piercing is done using a thin, sharp needle.
The piercer will first mark the area where the piercing will be done, then insert the needle through the cartilage.
A small piece of jewelry, called a captive bead ring (CBR), is then inserted into the piercing.


What are the Risks of Small Septum Piercing?

As with any type of body modification, there are risks associated with small septum piercing.
These include infection, pain, swelling, and bruising.
It is important to choose a reputable piercer and follow all aftercare instructions carefully to minimize these risks.


How do I Care for a Small Septum Piercing?

Proper aftercare is essential for proper healing of any type of body modification, including small septum piercing.
After the piercing is done, the piercer will usually give you specific aftercare instructions.
These may include cleaning the piercing twice a day with a saline solution, avoiding using makeup or other products on the
piercing, and avoiding touching or playing with the jewelry.
It is also important to avoid exposing the piercing to excessive heat or cold.
Small septum piercings typically heal quickly and without complication, as long as they are properly cared for.
Most people can expect the piercing to heal in 4-6 weeks.
However, it is important to keep in mind that every person heals differently, so healing times may vary.
If you have any concerns about the healing process, be sure to talk to your piercer or a medical professional.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of will vary depending on the piercer and the location.
However, most small septum piercings will cost between $30 and $60.


How Long Does it Last?

It can last for a few months to a few years, depending on how well it is cared for.
However, some people may find that their piercing starts to grow out after a year or two.
If this happens, you can always get the piercing re-done.


What Types of Jewelry Fit To It?

The most common is a captive bead ring (CBR).
However, other types of jewelry, such as barbells or hoops, can also be worn in this type of piercing.
Talk to your piercer about what type of jewelry would be best for you.



A small septum piercing is a popular type of body modification that can be done relatively easily and cheaply.
This type of piercing is less visible than a standard septum piercing and typically heals quickly and without complication.
However, as with any type of body modification, there are risks involved.

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