Madonna Piercing

The Complete Guide to Madonna piercing

by selaben83
Madonna Piercing

What is Madonna piercing?

Madonna piercing is a type of facial piercing that is located on the upper lip,
just below the nose on the right side of the
 face (Monroe  piercing locate on the left side). 

The piercing goes through the fleshy area of the upper lip and exits just below the nose.
Madonna piercings is a popular piercing among women and is often worn as a way to accentuate the face.
The history of Madonna piercing it is believed to have originated in Africa or Asia.
The first recorded instance of Madonna piercing was in India in the 1800s.

In the early 1900s, Madonna piercing began to become popular in the United States and Europe.
The piercings were originally performed with skewers or metal rods,
and sometimes gold ornaments.
Today, Madonna piercings are typically performed with hollow needles and jewelry made from titanium,
stainless steel, or


How Painful Is Madonna piercing?

The pain level for this type of piercing is low to moderate, but it is not as painful as other piercings.
Risks and complications associated with Madonna piercings include infection,
migration of the piercing, and rejection of
the piercing.
In rare cases, a Madonna piercings can cause a blood vessel to rupture,
leading to excessive bleeding.


Can Madonna Piercing Damage Your Teeth?

Oral piercings can lead to gum inflammation and infection if not properly cared for.
The likelihood of this happening depends on a variety of  individual factors.
If you are considering getting a Madonna piercing, be sure to consult with a qualified piercer and maintain good oral hygiene habits to minimize the risk of any damage.



Madonna piercings are a popular type of piercing that is placed on the upper lip just below the nose.
Madonna piercings are typically done with a labret stud, which is a short,
straight piece of metal with a disc on one end and
a threaded hole on the other.
The threaded hole is used to attach the stud to a barbell,
which is the most common type of jewelry worn in


Healing Time & Aftercare

Madonna piercings are one of the most popular types of facial piercings and are often considered to be relatively low-maintenance. 

However, proper healing and aftercare is still essential to ensure that the piercing heals properly and does not become infected. 

The healing time and aftercare for a Madonna piercings varies depending on the person’s individual body chemistry and lifestyle.

The typical healing takes about six to eight weeks to heal completely.

During the healing process, it is important to keep the piercing clean and free of bacteria by regularly washing it with soap and warm water.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure to clean the piercing regularly,
using a saline solution or a mild antibacterial soap.
By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure a quick and healthy healing process,
for your Madonna piercings.
If you have any questions or concerns about the healing process,
be sure to talk to Madonna piercer or a medical professional.
They can provide you with more specific instructions and help put your mind at ease.


What’s the difference between a Madonna and a Monroe piercing?

Madonna piercing locate at the upper lip on the right side of the face.
Monroe piercing locate at the opposite,  the left side of the face,
like the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. 


Types of Lip Pirsings

What are the Other Types of Lip Piercings?

There are a number of other popular lip piercings that can be used to create a variety of different looks. Snake Bites are another popular type of Lip piercing. Usually, two piercings are made on the left and right side of the lower lip, giving the appearance of snake fangs.

Ashley Piercing is a variation on the Madonna, where a single piercing is made off to one side of the lower lip.
Labret Piercing can be placed in different parts of the Lip, but they are usually placed in the center of the lower lip.
Medusa Piercing is a piercing that is done in the center of the upper lip.


To Sum Up…

In conclusion The Madonna piercings is one of the most popular piercings in the world.
Madonna piercings are a popular form of body piercing that can be both attractive and stylish.
Celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have all sported this look.
We hope this information assisted you in making an informed decision,
about whether or not a Madonna piercings is right for you.

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